Perhaps one of the most common questions I hear from car audio newbies is whether to buy 12 or 15 inch subwoofers for their vehicle. Even people who are car audio enthusiasts often wonder if they should scale up from 10 or 12 inch subwoofers to 15 or 18 inch subwoofers.

When it comes to subwoofers, bigger is not always better. It’s true that a bigger subwoofer is often able to hit deeper base notes, but by the time you’re at a 12″ subwoofer, you’re already going to be able to hit the deepest base notes that you can audibly hear.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of music you enjoy listening to. Dubstep, Rock, and Rap, are all going to have different base notes and base lines.

  • For Rap we recommend going with something a bit more punchy – but still able to hit low base lines, such as a 12″ subwoofer.
  • For Dubstep we recommend going with a 12″ or 15″ subwoofer, as there are often long “wobbles” that do better on a bigger diameter subwoofer.
  • For Rock music we recommend sticking with a couple 10″ subwoofers, as rock generally has a lot of quick drum notes which do well on a “punchy” sound system.

Overall, the diameter you choose is only a small part of the equation. Factoring in brands, power output, amplifier choice, other speakers, and cabin size of your car are all important things to keep in mind.

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