The new Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car that’s come out this year.  Before I get started I should mention that I’m not one of those irrationally crazy Tesla fans with an obnoxious vanity plate like “kick gas”. In fact, I’ve only driven a few Teslas, and I don’t hold the brand in higher or lower regard than really anything else, but folks, this is the coolest car that’s come out this year.

For a little proof consider this: tens of thousands of people waited in line outside Tesla dealerships to reserve this car, sleeping outside dealerships like it was a Harry Potter movie.

Where’s last time you saw someone sleeping outside a car dealership to get a car? Let me give you a hint: there’s nobody sleeping outside Toyota of Indianapolis when the new Highlander goes on sale. These people were lined up outside these dealerships to give Tesla a $1,000 deposit, not so they could bring home a Model 3 today, but on the chance that they could bring home a model 3 sometime in the next two years. Regardless of whether you like Tesla or hate Tesla, this car is a phenomenon, and that’s why it is the coolest car of 2018.

There are many options, features, and specifications to talk about, but that would make this article extremely lengthy! I advise you to check out YouTube for some of the latest tesla reviews and decide for yourself, is the Telsa Model 3 the best car of 2018?

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