First and foremost, welcome to autmotiveaudioltd.com!

My name is Gary Newalt, and I’m an ASE Certified Master Technician. This blog is my passion project about cars, car audio, and some of the car meets and shows that I attend in my daily life.

I started working on cars when I was just a kid. My dad would often call me outside to help him change the oil, sparkplugs, wires, and other simple car projects. By the time I was 12 I was helping my dad rebuild engines, turbo and supercharge cars, and built custom suspensions. By 16 I had built my own turbo integra(b18b1 motor, forged internals, titanium valve train, etc) which put down 400whp – I was in love!

My dad ran one of the biggest aftermarket racing shops on the east coast, and I grew up in his shadow. As a kid I also loved car audio. I was “that kid” who had the two 15″ sub-woofers in the back of his car waking up the neighbors at 12 AM.

While I do regret waking the neighbors up, I would never take any of those experiences back, as they helped me to grow into the mechanic and car enthusiast I am today!

On my website you’ll find all sorts of car and car audio topics covered, from insurance to 1/4 drag strip races, I talk about it all. Whether you’re an import, classic, or new car lover, I have you covered!

Please feel free to suggest topics or articles, I do my best to respond to contact form requests quickly.

Hope you Enjoy!