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Does Removing The Catalytic Converter Add Horsepower?

I was recently asked this question by Randy M of Anderson, Indiana via the Contact Form. When thinking about removing the catalytic converter, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The very first of which is legality. In most states across the USA, removing the cat(catalytic converter) …
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Changing The Oil, Every 5000 Miles Or Sooner?

One of the questions I get asked the most is “how often do I REALLY need to change my oil?”. Some people who ask me that question think that 5000 miles is too often, while other people are worried that 5000 miles is not frequent enough! In addition to this …
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Part 1: Tips and Tricks: 1/4 Mile Drag Race

This article is a short part 1 on drag strip racing, geared towards those of you who have never visited a track before. You may be kind of nervous about how you start,  how you do a burnout, the Christmas tree, and all that racing jargon. First of all, we …
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Which Are Better 12″ or 15″ Subwoofers

Perhaps one of the most common questions I hear from car audio newbies is whether to buy 12 or 15 inch subwoofers for their vehicle. Even people who are car audio enthusiasts often wonder if they should scale up from 10 or 12 inch subwoofers to 15 or 18 inch …
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The Definitive Guide To Car Meets

We’ve all been there, maybe you’re a fresh enthusiast stoked on your new automotive passion, or maybe you’re a seasoned car nut in a new town trying to get plugged into the scene. You can always find other car guys by leaving notes on their cars, or by hopping on …
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Is The Tesla Model 3 The Best Car of 2018?

The new Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car that’s come out this year.  Before I get started I should mention that I’m not one of those irrationally crazy Tesla fans with an obnoxious vanity plate like “kick gas”. In fact, I’ve only driven a few Teslas, and I don’t …
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